FixIt CD Tool Availability

Mel Flynn mel.flynn+fbsd.questions at
Thu Jul 9 07:57:11 UTC 2009

On Saturday 04 July 2009 11:06:52 Michel Talon wrote:
> Drew Tomlinson wrote:
> > The command 'gmirror label root ad8a ad6a' does not return an error but
> > no device is created in /dev/mirror
> >
> > The command 'zpool create data  raid1z ad14d ad12d ad8d ad6d' gives me
> > an error about the ZFS library being unavailable.
> >
> > Are these tools supposed to work when using the Fix It CD?  If not, does
> > 7.2-RELEASE-amd64-disc1.iso have these tools?
> One can load kernel modules from the fixit cdrom, but as far as i
> remember this requires some manipulations.

<snip chrooting to /mnt2 and redoing shell env>

The manipulation is far simpler:
sysctl kern.module_path=/dist/boot/kernel

It's so simple, I don't know why it's not set in the fixit shell. And after 
battling with gmirror and a faulty IDE cable last weekend, I really hated 
typing it.

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