AuthPF not updating rules

Chris Cameron chris at
Mon Sep 29 20:33:24 UTC 2008

I have /etc/authpf created, with an empty authpf.conf inside. Also
inside is users/'username'/authpf.rules, which is not writable by
anyone but root. Also, my AuthPF user has authpf as a shell.

I've also jumped through 2 undocumented hoops of creating and
permission-ing /var/authpf and mounting fdescfs.

All that aside, I can log in and get my Hello. However, not only does
my rule not work, but doing "pfctl -s rules | grep
'client-ip-address'" brings back nothing.

Can anyone tell me something I may have missed? If I make a syntax
error, I see pfctl complain, so I'm sure that the file is being read.

Appreciate any help,


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