installing 7.0-release from .isos: endless mfi status msgs on console

FreeBSD freebsd at
Mon Sep 29 14:17:29 UTC 2008

Jacob Yocom-Piatt a écrit :
> FreeBSD wrote:
>> Jacob Yocom-Piatt a écrit :
>>> am setting up a new fileserver on a poweredge 1950 and installing 
>>> from the freebsd 7.0-release .isos but can't read anything on the 
>>> console since the PERC 5/i or 5/e card(s) are dumping status messages 
>>> to the console non-stop (~1000 lines / minute).
>> What are exactly those messages? I have the same server with FreeBSD 
>> 7.0-Release too and I don't get any annoying messages. I would be 
>> tempted to say that there is something wrong...
> martin,
> they are status messages of some sort that are coming from the two PERC 
> cards installed in the machine, a 5/i for the SAS disks inside it and a 
> 5/e for the MD1000 disk array attached to it via a SAS cable. since i 
> don't have a console attached at this machine's location, i can't easily 
> dump the messages here. suffice it to say that i get similar messages on 
> my other freebsd fileserver running on essentially the same hardware 
> (amd64 on poweredge 1950 + MD1000 enclosure). if you really want to see 
> them, i can acquire them from the console whenever i reboot the machine 
> but only after i have the console reading out.


Maybe you're getting those messages because you have 2 cards installed 
but I still don't think it's normal that you get that much messages from 
  good working cards. I think it would be interesting to see those 


> if i wait 5-10 minutes, the messages 'settle' and the installer gets 
> further along, but the amd64 installer seizes whereas the i386 one gets 
> to the usual install menu, i.e. 'choose your country', etc. if the amd64 
> installer is seizing up, can anyone recommend a workaround? i'm not 
> about to install a 32-bit arch onto this machine since it needs to do 
> ZFS which is known to have additional problems with 32-bit arches.
> cheers,
> jake
>> Martin
>>> is there any way to disable these status messages so that i can get 
>>> freebsd installed? AFAICT there is nothing broken with the battery on 
>>> either of the PERC 5/i or 5/e cards installed.
>>> cheers,
>>> jake

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