installing 7.0-release from .isos: endless mfi status msgs on console

Jacob Yocom-Piatt jy-p at
Sat Sep 27 14:30:53 UTC 2008

FreeBSD wrote:
> Jacob Yocom-Piatt a écrit :
>> am setting up a new fileserver on a poweredge 1950 and installing 
>> from the freebsd 7.0-release .isos but can't read anything on the 
>> console since the PERC 5/i or 5/e card(s) are dumping status messages 
>> to the console non-stop (~1000 lines / minute).

> What are exactly those messages? I have the same server with FreeBSD 
> 7.0-Release too and I don't get any annoying messages. I would be 
> tempted to say that there is something wrong...


they are status messages of some sort that are coming from the two PERC 
cards installed in the machine, a 5/i for the SAS disks inside it and a 
5/e for the MD1000 disk array attached to it via a SAS cable. since i 
don't have a console attached at this machine's location, i can't easily 
dump the messages here. suffice it to say that i get similar messages on 
my other freebsd fileserver running on essentially the same hardware 
(amd64 on poweredge 1950 + MD1000 enclosure). if you really want to see 
them, i can acquire them from the console whenever i reboot the machine 
but only after i have the console reading out.

if i wait 5-10 minutes, the messages 'settle' and the installer gets 
further along, but the amd64 installer seizes whereas the i386 one gets 
to the usual install menu, i.e. 'choose your country', etc. if the amd64 
installer is seizing up, can anyone recommend a workaround? i'm not 
about to install a 32-bit arch onto this machine since it needs to do 
ZFS which is known to have additional problems with 32-bit arches.


> Martin
>> is there any way to disable these status messages so that i can get 
>> freebsd installed? AFAICT there is nothing broken with the battery on 
>> either of the PERC 5/i or 5/e cards installed.
>> cheers,
>> jake

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