How to select/choose new NIC under FreeBSD?

Gavin Spomer spomerg at cwu.EDU
Fri Sep 26 14:31:57 UTC 2008

Gavin Spomer
Systems Programmer
Brooks Library
Central Washington University

>>> Johan Hendriks <Johan at> 09/26/08 5:01 AM >>>

>Hello there,

>At my work, I have a Dell PowerEdge2950 running FreeBSD 7.0, Webserver. This
>server has onboard Broadcom NetXtreme II BCM5708 1000Base-T with 2 ports.
>But we have faced watchdog timeouts and after googling and getting help on
>this great forum, we were able to figure out that this is Broadcom
>So, we have bought Intel Pro 1000PT Single Port Gigabit PCIe Cu now. Which >I
>am going to install in the server but before;
>I need some information, where I seek you guys help???

>1. How to tell FreeBSD to which NIC to use?
>2. Where else I should make changes under /etc folder?

>I will aprecaite your help!

>BR / vj

In the file /etc/rc.conf edit the line that looks like this now
ifconfig_bge0="inet  netmask"

Change bge0 (could be a different name in your config) to the driver name of the intel card, proberly em0 look at dmesg for the real name.

Johan Hendriks 

Yes. I think you'll change it to bce. My FreeBSD test server is an HP Proliant with a Broadcom in it and that's what I use. 

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