My unqualified host name

Robert Huff roberthuff at
Wed Sep 24 14:36:25 UTC 2008

perryh at writes:

>  > > "nyana sm-mta[803]: My unqualified host name (nyana) unknown;  
>  > > sleeping for retry"
>  >
>  > ... sendmail expects your machine to have working DNS and for
>  > the machine to have a valid FQDN.  Either set that up, or add  
>  > sendmail_enable="NONE" to /etc/rc.conf to disable sendmail ...
>  There is another approach, which is to ignore the message.  After
>  something like 3 repetitions, at something like a minute apart,
>  it will give up on qualifying its name.  Everything seems to work
>  just fine thereafter until the next boot, when the entire
>  sequence repeats.

	Respectfully, my gut reaction is this is, if not /bad/ practice,
at least not /good/ practice.  The requirements for geting sendmail
to behave (at least in this regard) are not particularly onerous;
why not just diagnose and fix the root problem?

				Robert Huff

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