My unqualified host name

perryh at perryh at
Wed Sep 24 05:13:13 UTC 2008

> > "nyana sm-mta[803]: My unqualified host name (nyana) unknown;  
> > sleeping for retry"
> ... sendmail expects your machine to have working DNS and for
> the machine to have a valid FQDN.  Either set that up, or add  
> sendmail_enable="NONE" to /etc/rc.conf to disable sendmail ...

There is another approach, which is to ignore the message.  After
something like 3 repetitions, at something like a minute apart,
it will give up on qualifying its name.  Everything seems to work
just fine thereafter until the next boot, when the entire sequence

This leads to the question of how to get sendmail -- or whatever
-- into the state where it will eventually land after the 3-miunte
delay, without the delay and the messages.  It seems as if this
ought not be all that difficult.

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