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m cassar marshc187 at
Sat Sep 20 15:55:32 UTC 2008

On Sat, Sep 20, 2008 at 9:18 AM, Timm Wimmers <timm at> wrote:

> m cassar schrieb:
>> Does anyone here use freebsd for serious audio/video production work? or
>> know if there is some kind of community?
> Didn't try it, but looks like what you are looking for.
> See
> --
> Timm
thanks but this wasn't exactly what i was asking about in the original post.
ardour *is* in ports, as with most other good open-source audio applications
( and propbably the best program out there - though i'm new) but what i was
looking for is related to custom/optimizted kernels either known as
low-latency or real-time kernels in linux; to help reduce recording
latencies, audio dropouts, etc. like studio 64 rt-kernel on ubuntu, planet
ccrma on fedora.

what i was trying to find out is whether there is such projects on freebsd,
or more importantly, if freebsd kernel had the potential to be similarly
optimized. (not that i myself have any expertise, [hence my question])

on the other hand, if you are interested in audio programs, ardour is good,
hydrogen is good and fun. not to mention easy.

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