two nics each with dsl and the third for LAN and am not able to get any milage out of one dsl.

eculp at eculp at
Fri Sep 19 15:53:38 UTC 2008

I just inherited a second dsl line and don't have a server to connect  
it too so I have it connected to a third nic that I have in the Dell  
that has the first dsl connection and the LAN.  I have been running pf  
on the two nics with nat and squid in transparent proxy mode without  
any issues. My problem is that I haven't come up with a way to really  
take advantage of the new dsl to reduce traffic on the first.  I'm not  
even dreaming of load balancing just sharing some of the load.

I had thought about trying to get squid to use the second connection  
but my feeble attempts at redirecting it haven't made much sense nor  
have they worked. Most of our traffic is outgoing rather than  
incoming, if that helps.

I'm sure someone else must have a similar setup and are doing better  
than I.  Anything is better than nothing. Basically, I think and hope  
that I am just drowning in a glass of water.

Thanks for any suggestions.


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