How to split a C string by a string?

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Wed Sep 17 15:49:24 UTC 2008

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>> > Hi all
>> >
>> > I'm writing an C application on FreeBSD 7+. I need to split a
>> > string by another string (ie. the delimiter is "xxx") similar to
>> > strtok split a string by a single char. Is there a standard
>> > function or is there a FreeBSD functions for this?
>> You can use strstr() to look for the "xxx" delimited and split that
>> that point: [snip sample code]
> Thank you very much for the reply. That is, there is no existing split
> function. So I got to write to my own :)

Yes, you have to roll our own.  The standard C library doesn't have
string splitting functions with a string as delimiter.  It includes
strtok(), strspn() and strcspn(), but these work with character sets as
delimiters, not strings...

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