netgraph one2many question

Omer Faruk SEN omer at
Wed Sep 17 12:39:25 UTC 2008


I want to setup a one2many setup so a traffic comes to one interface should be duplicated to other 2 interfaces like:

# Plumb nodes together
/usr/sbin/ngctl mkpeer vr1: one2many upper one
/usr/sbin/ngctl connect vr1: vr1:upper lower many0
/usr/sbin/ngctl connect vr2: vr1:upper lower many1
/usr/sbin/ngctl connect vr3: vr1:upper lower many2

# Allow vr2 through vr3 to xmit/recv vr1 frames

/usr/sbin/ngctl msg vr2: setpromisc 1
/usr/sbin/ngctl msg vr3: setpromisc 1
/usr/sbin/ngctl msg vr2: setautosrc 0
/usr/sbin/ngctl msg vr3: setautosrc 0

# Configure all three links as up

/usr/sbin/ngctl msg vr1:upper setconfig "{ xmitAlg=1 failAlg=1 enabledLinks=[ 1 1 1 ] }"

But when  I sniff vr2 or vr3 I get no traffic. Can someone enlighten me what am I doing wrong here?


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