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At 2008-09-15T16:31:16+02:00, Polytropon wrote:

> 1. How is it possible to include a sub-path in the CVS file field, but
>    not the absolute path of the file?

Use the `CVSHeader' keyword instead of `Header'.  The CVSHeader
keyword expands to the relative path of the file in the CVS
repository.  See the CVS manual at

> 2. How is it possible to change $Id$ or $Header$ to a custom string,
>    let's say the name of a company or a project, by not breaking (!)
>    the CVS compatibility (no s/Header/Foobar/).
> Example for goal:
> 	$StupidProject: src/mouse/,v 1.2.4 2008/16/32 04:08:16 bob Exp $

CVS checkout `CVSROOT'.  Create a file called `options' in the working
copy of CVSROOT with the following contents:


CVS add and commit `options'.  Now, only the `StupidProject' keyword
will be expanded, leaving other keywords unexpanded.  See:


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