Apache 1.3 Problems

Annelise Anderson andrsn at andrsn.stanford.edu
Tue Sep 16 07:37:04 UTC 2008

On Tue, 16 Sep 2008 mark at legios.org wrote:

>>  	After 3 years, by apache 1.3 server quite working.  It shows a
>> PID, it's running, it can be stopped and restarted, and from FreeBSD
>> the home page comes up using lynx http://andrsn.stanford.edu
>>  	But from outside, it times out.
>>  	I have run the texts for valid configuration (I haven't changed
>> anything) and I actually rebooted the machine.  The texts are okay and
>> rebooting doesn't help.
>>  	The machine is pingable.  It's running FreeBSD 5.5 or so.
>>  	What to do next?
>>  		Annelise
>> _______________________________________________
> Hmm..
> Can it connect to the outside world at all itself? Has the network changed
> at all recently? Did the server restart at all and if so are the firewall
> rules (if any) permitting external traffic?
> You could check the apache logs to see if any external connections are
> getting through to the box at all, too.
> Is the lynx test connecting from the same box to itself? or from another
> FreeBSD box..?

>From the same box to itself.

> --
> Also, what Chris said would cover most of these. :)
> Cheers,
> Mark

Chris wrote:

>Sounds like a (probebly external) firewall issue. Just because pings get 
>through, doesn't mean the http requests are.

No firewall on my machine.

>I'd run ngrep or tcpdump on the console and double-check that the packets 
>are actually making it to the server.

>Also, do a "sockstat -4" and make sure it's listening on the approprate 

Thank you both--

sockstat -4 show that it's listening on *:80, which is right.
Neither tcpdump (assuming I'm reading it correcting) nor httpd-access.log
shows any tcp packets at all getting through except when lynx is run
from the machine on which apache is running after Sept 12 at 2:12 a.m.
Thus, I assume packets are not getting to the server, except when
requested from the local machine.

email and ftp are working--and I can log into the machine remotely--
so stuff is getting out and in.  tcpdump shows a lot of other activity,

So, I'm stumped.


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