Apache 1.3 Problems

mark at legios.org mark at legios.org
Tue Sep 16 05:55:38 UTC 2008

>  	After 3 years, by apache 1.3 server quite working.  It shows a
> PID, it's running, it can be stopped and restarted, and from FreeBSD
> the home page comes up using lynx http://andrsn.stanford.edu
>  	But from outside, it times out.
>  	I have run the texts for valid configuration (I haven't changed
> anything) and I actually rebooted the machine.  The texts are okay and
> rebooting doesn't help.
>  	The machine is pingable.  It's running FreeBSD 5.5 or so.
>  	What to do next?
>  		Annelise
> _______________________________________________

Can it connect to the outside world at all itself? Has the network changed
at all recently? Did the server restart at all and if so are the firewall
rules (if any) permitting external traffic?

You could check the apache logs to see if any external connections are
getting through to the box at all, too.

Is the lynx test connecting from the same box to itself? or from another
FreeBSD box..?

Also, what Chris said would cover most of these. :)


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