How to test an unsupported scanner (CanoScan LiDe 90)?

Peter Ulrich Kruppa ulrich at
Sun Sep 14 19:15:54 UTC 2008

Polytropon schrieb:
> Hi!
> On Sun, 14 Sep 2008 11:40:54 +0200, Peter Ulrich Kruppa
> <ulrich at> wrote:
>> Peter Ulrich Kruppa schrieb:
>>> I have purchased a scanner yet unsupported by sane 
>>> (CanoScan LiDe 90).
> Mayve the SANE team will get this scanner to work later on.
> But at this point in time, the scanner will be outdated. :-)
Perhaps they can get it running before my WinXP laptop is
outdated :-)
Actually I wonder if I have got a general communication problem
between FreeBSD and the scanner or if the sane-backend itself is 
unusable. If I could make the scanner react somehow I could ask 
people on sane-devel list for good ideas.



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