Sudden Inability To Use SQL

Marcel Grandemange thavinci at
Wed Sep 10 10:22:11 UTC 2008

Ok this is difficult to explain, but I have a FreeBSD7 server that has many
components that connect to a remote mysql db for.

Raduis/Mail and a few web sites.


Recently with nothing changed..


Radius can no longer work cause it cannot contact sql server.

Web sites bomb out with sql errors. (This is occasional, sometimes they do




Now the server can telnet into the remote port of the mysql server, and I
can verify that it is working correctly as applications on the db server
itself that use the db operate as normal.



I had a look at the server status to see mysql connections.


There are many  stated as "unauthenticated user" with command "connect"
state "login" coming from the server in question , but none that's actually



Ive done a portupgrade on mysql client on box in question as well as php5
and php5-mysql to see if that helped anything with anything!



Please HELP!

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