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> > > For most people that's already happened, except that it's
> > > Adobe-Flash WWW. Google's approach of open-source software, and
> > > open-extensions, leading to new standards, sounds a lot better to
> > > me.
> > 
> > except it leads to google-everything. not even a bit better than 
> > microsoft-everything
> There's a lot of difference. Microsoft has always tried to undermine
> standards because standards give its competitors a more level-playing
> field, which is what Google needs for its webapps to compete with
> Microsoft's desktop applications. I don't see how that's bad for
> anyone except Microsoft.

The real reason that Chrome is important is because due to Microsoft
enticement and pressure, a growing number of people are implementing
websites that require active X controls which won't run on anything
other than Windows.  We are seeing a lot of this in embedded stuff
but it's starting to contaminate public websites and most importantly,
general software.

Just by virtue of it coming from Google, a lot of end users and
consumers out there will download, install and run Chrome.  As a result
web designers will have less incentive to jump to active X.  That
is very important.


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