error: symbol ether_poll_register undefined

Nikola Knežević laladelausanne at
Wed Sep 3 22:32:42 UTC 2008

Hi guys,

I'm trying to port Click modular router to FreeBSD 7.0. Along the way,  
I changed it quite a bit, but I managed to get it to compile. Well,  
when I try to load it (via sudo make load), this is what I get:

link_elf_obj: symbol ether_poll_register undefined
kldload: /usr/home/knl/work/mx-dfly/core/module/mxcore.ko: Unsupported  
file type

What am I missing? I assume that ether_poll_register should be in the  

objdump -x -d mxcore.ko gives me a bunch of '*UND*', like _vn_lock,  
but they exist in the kernel.


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