Matias Surdi matiassurdi at
Wed Sep 3 14:21:54 UTC 2008

Ivan Voras escribió:
> Matias Surdi wrote:
>> I've a directory tree structure in /usr/local from wich I'd like to
>> create a package.
>> How are pkg_create arguments supposed to be?
>> Where can I find an example?
>> I've read the manpage, but an example would be really usefull.
>> Thanks for your help again.
> Though it's theoretically possible, don't use pkg_create on a bunch of
> files you scattered on the file system to create a package. a) it's hard
> to do right by hand and b) you'll probably create an incorrect package.
> What you can do (and this is much easier) is write a port for your
> application(s), see
> and then create a
> binary package from that port using "make package".
> (You do not need to submit the port or your source to anyone but you
> must have it on your computer to create the package).

Thanks, this will do the job.

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