Ivan Voras ivoras at
Wed Sep 3 12:36:38 UTC 2008

Matias Surdi wrote:
> I've a directory tree structure in /usr/local from wich I'd like to
> create a package.
> How are pkg_create arguments supposed to be?
> Where can I find an example?
> I've read the manpage, but an example would be really usefull.
> Thanks for your help again.

Though it's theoretically possible, don't use pkg_create on a bunch of
files you scattered on the file system to create a package. a) it's hard
to do right by hand and b) you'll probably create an incorrect package.

What you can do (and this is much easier) is write a port for your
application(s), see and then create a
binary package from that port using "make package".

(You do not need to submit the port or your source to anyone but you
must have it on your computer to create the package).

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