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 Le 02/09/2008 à 08:45:52-0700, ElihuJ a écrit
> Hi all. I have a question about cron jobs that seem to be running to long or
> with multiple copies of itself. For example, I have a backup script that I
> run that seems to make multiple copies of itself. If I view the running
> processes I see numerous instances of the same cron job. Is there something
> I can do to limit this from happening? When it does, it drains my CPU and
> some of my other processes are non responsive. Any help would be
> appreciated. Thank you.

That's not the to cron to do that. You must put in your script some flags.

For example if you using 

	rsnapshot (in the ports)

he put a lock file in /var/run (or what's ever you want) and don't start if
the script find this file. When the script is end the file is erase.

Something like

if_the_lock_file_exit :

	exit 1


	touch lock_file


	rm lock_file



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