pf or ipf rules to allow p2p Limewire through

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Sun Nov 30 18:03:30 PST 2008

On Fri, 28 Nov 2008 14:31:14 +0800
Fbsd1 <fbsd1 at> wrote:

> I think you are missing the fact that limewire does not use dedicated 
> port numbers. Every session uses different port numbers and the remote 
> computers come in on different hight port numbers. Limewire starts off 
> with a proto igmp  multicast packet to the limewire master server where 
> all the other users online computers are listed.

Hi there,

not totally true, it's quite easy. You can configure your client to listen on
1 specific port, disable UPNP, and tell it to advertise itself on the same port
number . Then punch a hole from  your firewall device straight to your client
on that port (both tcp + udp) and you'll be connected QUITE well that way. you
may not make it to ultrapeer in every run, but you just may after a while ;).

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