pf or ipf rules to allow p2p Limewire through

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Thu Nov 27 22:30:38 PST 2008

APseudoUtopia wrote:
> On Thu, Nov 27, 2008 at 3:56 AM, Fbsd1 <fbsd1 at> wrote:
>> What pf or ipf firewall keep-state rules needed to allow p2p application
>> such as limewire through? Using same firewall rules as in handbook example.
> Well, what port does limewire use? You need to figure out what port
> each application uses, then open the port in your firewall rules.
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I think you are missing the fact that limewire does not use dedicated 
port numbers. Every session uses different port numbers and the remote 
computers come in on different hight port numbers. Limewire starts off 
with a proto igmp  multicast packet to the limewire master server where 
all the other users online computers are listed.

Really need someone who has firewall rule for limewire using ipf or pf 
to share their knowledge.

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