Pasting via ssh causes data loss

Eugene Pimenov libc.mail at
Sun Nov 30 14:20:10 PST 2008

On 30 нояб, 23:20, Ivan Voras <ivo... at> wrote:
> I regularly do copy-pastes of textual data of that size (and larger) in
> interactive sessions (with text editors) without problems, between
> FreeBSD machines and from Linux to FreeBSD machines. Are you sure it's
> not a problem with your terminal application and not on the server side?
> (try a different terminal).

Tried a different terminal. iTerm to be exact. The same problem, the
same number of bytes.

A friend of mine tried from gentoo linux on his laptop (he'is using
yakukake (terminal)), and reproduced the same issue, but different
amount of bytes (3221 for the server that receives 5181 from me).

Is there some stupid sysctl setting? or something like that? I'm so
tired of pasting into a linux box and wget from it into a freebsd box.

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