firewall rules for bitlord, yahoo, limewire

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at
Wed Nov 26 13:24:27 PST 2008

> My unofficial take on it is that limewire is a peer-to-peer sharing
> application used by Windows, Mac OS X and Linux users to share files,
> usually music, often copyrighted, over the internet.  It is one of the
> fastest, most effective ways to spread viruses, trojans, spyware, etc.

that's my client's problem not mine ;) viruses don't work under FreeBSD.

> The program does not use fixed ports, so the services are hard to block.  In

as all my LANs uses nat, and i actually don't want to block it, i use
natd with lots of redirect_port options.

i give 3 ports to every user, most of that programs allows to specify what 
ports are 1:1 mapped to outside.

at least bittorrent compatible things.

torrent-compatible P2P programs are most usable of them. IMHO the only 

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