7.0-RELEASE-p6 problem amd64 daemonology

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Tue Nov 25 10:17:24 PST 2008


I think you all deserve a clear information about what has been going  
on today.

After the update of all servers to P-6 - the server could not be  
booted normaly - in fact they did boot but after that they didn't get  
back with the prompt… So I ended up in a "dead end".

As I was working last weeks with the engineers that helped me setup  
the hardware (and as Intel didn't have a right guideline specifying  
that TCP ports needed to be opened) - I have ended up mofidying a  
little parameter in /boot/loader.conf that was aimed to redirect the  
console to "vidconsole" & "comconsole".

This little parameter seems to have caused a conflict with the KVM of  
intel which probably uses the same redirect or blocked us from  
receiving the output (even from ssh).

It took me quite a long time to figure out what was going on as I  
suspected other problems to have happened. This has all the symptoms  
of a system freeze, but services were launched (at least some of them)…

I have found the solution by booting using a low level prompt that has  
allowed me to pass the parameter "set console=comconsole" and all went  
back to normal.

Quite firghtening, but finaly armless.

Le 25 nov. 08 à 16:27, bsd a écrit :

> Hello I have updated my server (Intel Modular server) using the  
> classical
> # freebsd-update install
> And I am now facing very weired issues only on amd64 servers I am  
> maintaining.
> Servers boots and then freezes when It launch "ipfilter". This is  
> not a low level freeze, simply all access to the server are disabled.
> - Single user boot does not work.
> - SSH access does not work either.
> These servers were working perfectly before this update…
> ---
> What would you suggest to get out of this situation…
> 1. Rollback to the 7.0-RELEASE-p5 which was stable and worked well.
> --> If so how can I access the server knowing that single user mode  
> does not work?
> --> Can you describe me the stages I would have to go through - I am  
> not very used to this kind of situations.
> 2. Deactivate ipfilter (is there a way to do that at boot time  
> without editing /etc/rc.conf ) ?
> 3. Deactivate all services at boot time (is there a way of bypassing  
> at boot time the rc.conf file) ?
> Thanks for your support.
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