7.0-RELEASE-p6 problem amd64 daemonology

bsd bsd at todoo.biz
Tue Nov 25 07:27:13 PST 2008

Hello I have updated my server (Intel Modular server) using the  

# freebsd-update install

And I am now facing very weired issues only on amd64 servers I am  
Servers boots and then freezes when It launch "ipfilter". This is not  
a low level freeze, simply all access to the server are disabled.

- Single user boot does not work.
- SSH access does not work either.

These servers were working perfectly before this update…


What would you suggest to get out of this situation…

1. Rollback to the 7.0-RELEASE-p5 which was stable and worked well.
--> If so how can I access the server knowing that single user mode  
does not work?
--> Can you describe me the stages I would have to go through - I am  
not very used to this kind of situations.

2. Deactivate ipfilter (is there a way to do that at boot time without  
editing /etc/rc.conf ) ?

3. Deactivate all services at boot time (is there a way of bypassing  
at boot time the rc.conf file) ?

Thanks for your support.

Gregober ---> PGP ID --> 0x1BA3C2FD
bsd @at@ todoo.biz

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