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> Your assertion that "linux is both low end unix and low end windows replacement" is factually wrong: As a high end unix I think it's earned it's stripes, currently dominating the top 500 supercomputer systems in the world, some no other unix has managed to accomplish this time round. Notably, when compared to freebsd it offers support for virtualisation where bsd is nowhere close to doing, just one example of high end unix feature it provides. As a gui desktop, I'm certain kde is a superior interface to windows in many ways.

While I agree that, without some kind of supporting argument, the
statement that Linux systems are "low end" Unix replacements are kind of
spurious sounding, I don't think that market share is really an effective
metric for determination of the quality of a replacement for a given
class of OS.

I'm also not sure I see how virtualization makes or breaks the quality of
any Unix-like system, or qualifies it as "high end".

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