FreeBSD and hardware??

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(Forgive the top-posting)

Your assertion that "linux is both low end unix and low end windows replacement" is factually wrong: As a high end unix I think it's earned it's stripes, currently dominating the top 500 supercomputer systems in the world, some no other unix has managed to accomplish this time round. Notably, when compared to freebsd it offers support for virtualisation where bsd is nowhere close to doing, just one example of high end unix feature it provides. As a gui desktop, I'm certain kde is a superior interface to windows in many ways.


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>> usage or need.
> You seem to be reserving FBSD only for the experts. I wouldn't be here

is someone that simply use unix an expert?


> By constantly repeating that UNIX is no Windows replacement you are

and i will repeat it because it's true. it's every other unix replacement.

as linux tries for many years to be windows replacement - it's both low
end unix and low end windows replacement, "windows for poor".

not a nice future for FreeBSD IMHO.
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