Sheer panic and blissful ignorance.

Roland Smith rsmith at
Mon Nov 10 13:38:50 PST 2008

On Mon, Nov 10, 2008 at 01:44:58PM -0600, Trevor Hearn wrote:
> Anyone that can help, I would appreciate it a lot.
> I have a Dell 1950 1U server running FreeBSD 6.3.  It's connected to 2.5tb
> of RAID 6 storage via Fibre Channel. I have setup some 2 tb slices on this

How does one fit more than one 2 tb slice into a 2.5 tb array? ;-)

> array, the problem one being /dev/da0p1. It is throwing errors to the
> console when people touch a file or two that seems to be fried. The problem

You might want to be somewhat more specific about the errors.

Nevertheless, have a look at the da(4) manpage. It mentions some sysctls
that might affect the situation. You could also inspect the device's
parameters in its mode pages using camcontrol(8).

If the errors are related to the filesystem, do they mention any of the
inconsistencies mentioned in the fsck_ufs(8) manpage?

> is that smbd then races to 100% usage, and cannot be killed. CPU1 and CPU3
> are pegged at 100%, or close enough. Sigh.
> So, what file checking utility should I use for a 2tb slice on a box with 4
> gigs of memory? I thought that I had read that you should not use fsck. I am
> using UFS2 for the file system.

If you want to check the filesystem, there is no alternative for
fsck_ufs(8). If you invoke it with the '-p' flag first, it will only
repair a limited number of errors.

If that exits with a non-zero status, you'll have to run a full
foreground test.

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