Sheer panic and blissful ignorance.

Trevor Hearn trevor.hearn at
Mon Nov 10 12:12:27 PST 2008

Anyone that can help, I would appreciate it a lot.

I have a Dell 1950 1U server running FreeBSD 6.3.  It's connected to 2.5tb
of RAID 6 storage via Fibre Channel. I have setup some 2 tb slices on this
array, the problem one being /dev/da0p1. It is throwing errors to the
console when people touch a file or two that seems to be fried. The problem
is that smbd then races to 100% usage, and cannot be killed. CPU1 and CPU3
are pegged at 100%, or close enough. Sigh.

So, what file checking utility should I use for a 2tb slice on a box with 4
gigs of memory? I thought that I had read that you should not use fsck. I am
using UFS2 for the file system.

Any thoughts? Any? :)

-Trevor Hearn

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