what is your programming language on freebsd?

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at wojtek.tensor.gdynia.pl
Thu Nov 6 13:06:28 PST 2008

>> on FreeBSD is generally not a popular idea.
> As a re-implementation of microsofts .NET, I personally wouldn't touch
> it with a ten foot pole. Although some parts are an ECMA "standard", as
> a developer you can never be sure that microsoft won't hit you with a
> patent lawsuit if they perceive you as treading on their
> turf. Experience has taught the microsoft cannot be trusted.

as all "portable" things microsoft created will actually work completely 
only in windows. anyway - i don't see any sense in using it if you are not 
forced to use windows.

if you are - it would be better to use windows for that.

>> 2. Is FreeBSD more optimised in performance for any particular language?
> No. Performance of scripting languages is usually not a big problem
> anymore because of the increased speed of new computers. And it depends

scripting language are not made to be fast running, but to "mix" many 
other programs to get result fast and easy.

> more on the interpreter of the language in question than on the host
> OS. Of course compiled languages can run faster than interpreted ones.

as on every OS.

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