what is your programming language on freebsd?

Roland Smith rsmith at xs4all.nl
Thu Nov 6 09:28:23 PST 2008

On Fri, Nov 07, 2008 at 12:10:41AM +0800, Foo JH wrote:
> Hi there,
> Earlier I was asking for some help getting XSP/ mod_mono on FreeBSD. I
> may be asking in the wrong mailing list, but my impression is that mono
> on FreeBSD is generally not a popular idea.

As a re-implementation of microsofts .NET, I personally wouldn't touch
it with a ten foot pole. Although some parts are an ECMA "standard", as
a developer you can never be sure that microsoft won't hit you with a
patent lawsuit if they perceive you as treading on their
turf. Experience has taught the microsoft cannot be trusted.

> To pose my questions to the developers in the FreeBSD community:
> 1. What programming language(s) do you deploy on FreeBSD?

See all the ports in /usr/ports/lang. For systems programming or if
speed is of the essence, I use C. For scripting the standard Bourne
Shell (sh) is still OK. For massaging large quantities of text, Perl
still works very well, and there is a huge number of modules (libraries)
available.  Lua is becoming a new personal favorite of mine for
scripts. It is fast, small and easy. 

> 2. Is FreeBSD more optimised in performance for any particular language?

No. Performance of scripting languages is usually not a big problem
anymore because of the increased speed of new computers. And it depends
more on the interpreter of the language in question than on the host
OS. Of course compiled languages can run faster than interpreted ones.

> 3. Is FreeBSD even a popular choice as a development platform, or is it
> better suited as a special-purpose OS (eg. mail server, DNS server)?

There is no big difference between FreeBSD and Linux here. Pretty much
everything that runs on Linux runs on FreeBSD as well. Both are a pretty
popular development platforms, e.g. for web apps. Think PHP, Ruby on
Rails etc. 

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