Is KDE4 usable on FreeBSD?

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> Ok now that you have all let off steam about the off topic of desktop
> verses ms/windows lets return the meaning of the  original poster.
> 	I spent this weekend playing with kde4 as root and had problems with it
> not working.
> 	Could not change the displayed time to from 20.00.00 to 8:00PM
> When I changed the resolution from the default to 800x600 and the refresh
> rate to 60.0 many of the applications did not auto fit to the new setting
> and the change would not carry over between logons.
> Some times the desktop just froze up and had to do alt-ctrl-backspace to
> force return to command line.
> When I changed the font type and size to use, the change would not carry
> over between logons.
> Could not find a way to remove items from the menu.
> Some icons would not display at all.
> Koffice was missing.
> Not all the application use the new window format which has the option to
> return to menu that launched it. Only has x out to return to desktop
> screen.
> Bottom line is imho kde4 is not stable, is not ready for general use. Needs
> more development and testing. Should only be contained in the development
> ports category.

I submit to the court of pulic opinion that KDE4 *IS* stable on FreeBSD. I 
would encourage you to check out the following resources

Certainly, if my word is not good enough, the nice folks over at PC-BSD,, sure have bundled up a nice package based on FreeBSD 7 
and KDE4.


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