Is KDE4 usable on FreeBSD?

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Ok now that you have all let off steam about the off topic of desktop verses
ms/windows lets return the meaning of the  original poster.

	I spent this weekend playing with kde4 as root and had problems with it not
	Could not change the displayed time to from 20.00.00 to 8:00PM
When I changed the resolution from the default to 800x600 and the refresh
rate to 60.0 many of the applications did not auto fit to the new setting
and the change would not carry over between logons.
Some times the desktop just froze up and had to do alt-ctrl-backspace to
force return to command line.
When I changed the font type and size to use, the change would not carry
over between logons.
Could not find a way to remove items from the menu.
Some icons would not display at all.
Koffice was missing.
Not all the application use the new window format which has the option to
return to menu that launched it. Only has x out to return to desktop screen.

Bottom line is imho kde4 is not stable, is not ready for general use. Needs
more development and testing. Should only be contained in the development
ports category.

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