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Chris St Denis chris at
Mon May 26 22:09:25 UTC 2008

Jos Chrispijn wrote:
> Tore Lund wrote:
>> Right, anecdotally.  I seem to recall there was a real speed gain under
>> version 4.x.  When I tried to trim my kernel in one of the 6.x releases,
>> however, there was barely any differenc.
> I have a hard disk bay in my server. Due to the fact that BSD is very 
> flexible, in case of hardware failure other than hard disk, you can 
> remove the hard drive and put it in any other server and with GENERIC 
> you just power on and it will allways work. When you use a system 
> tuned version, that might be not the case as some removed periphirals 
> are deleted from the Kernel. Is this, in combination with the speedy 
> processors nowadays, a reason to use GENERIC though?
> Is Kernel finetuning not for older hardware (P2 and P3 related)?
> Jos
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Although this can be useful, it's still generally reasonably safe to 
comment out a lot of stuff. For example, a server doesn't typically need 
mp3 player support, and most ISA stuff can probably go unless you are 
working with very old hardware, and a server probably doesn't need 
pccard support. The more obscure NICs can probably go too.

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