Kernel for Dual Core

Jos Chrispijn jos at
Mon May 26 18:42:44 UTC 2008

Tore Lund wrote:
> Right, anecdotally.  I seem to recall there was a real speed gain under
> version 4.x.  When I tried to trim my kernel in one of the 6.x releases,
> however, there was barely any differenc.
I have a hard disk bay in my server. Due to the fact that BSD is very 
flexible, in case of hardware failure other than hard disk, you can 
remove the hard drive and put it in any other server and with GENERIC 
you just power on and it will allways work. When you use a system tuned 
version, that might be not the case as some removed periphirals are 
deleted from the Kernel. Is this, in combination with the speedy 
processors nowadays, a reason to use GENERIC though?
Is Kernel finetuning not for older hardware (P2 and P3 related)?


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