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Mark Ovens parish at
Mon May 26 04:41:01 UTC 2008

Chuck Robey wrote:
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> nej ALL wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm new on FreeBSD not on unix.
>> I want to mount automatically an usb-stick memory into my machine ?
>> I get some problems.
>> Need help.
> You're trying with your devfs stuff to create the file, but you have to realize
> it's a device representing a filesystem, not just a file.  What you want to read
> is the mount and fstab man pages, mount to find out how to mount your memory
> stick, and fstab to figure out how to get it to happen automatically.  The devfs
> stuff is all mistaken, I think, you want that when you want to change
> permissions or make softlinks of devices, not to create them in the first place,
>  least that's how I';'ve always used it, and I know very well that the correct
> line in /etc/fstab WILL automount your memory stick.

Are you sure Chuck? The devfs rules stuff is to allow non-root users to
mount removable media isn't it? I followed the instructions at - the
FreeBSD-specific stuff is near the bottom of the page - but I have
*exactly* the same problem as the OP with my mobile phone.

It is detected as da2 and da3 (phone and memory stick - mine's a SCSI
system so da0 and da1 are the HDDs) but only the top-level device nodes
(/dev/da[23]) are created.

I can try to mount /dev/da3 until I'm blue in the face and it always
fails but as soon as I attempt to mount /dev/da3s1 it fails first time
but succeeds the second time because the /dev/da3s1 device node gets
created on the first (failed) mount attempt.

It doesn't matter whether I have an entry in /etc/fstab for /dev/da3s1
or not, it stills fails, but creates the device, on the first attempt.

Maybe something has changed? The page I linked to above refers to
FreeBSD 5 but I'm running 6.3-STABLE.



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