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soralx at cydem.org soralx at cydem.org
Fri May 23 15:25:20 UTC 2008

> On that note, was I given misinformation when I was advised
> that it would be impossible to upgrade RELENG_6_2 directly to
> RELENG_7 ?

Close to implausible, perhaps? That would indeed be the case, unless you
truly are longing for a major workout, either with mergemaster et al, or
both with mergemaster and the ports. The former case, which assumes you
don't have many ports installed, is often a no-brainer: install a fresh
system. The latter case may be somewhat more complicated: install a fresh
system for the least effort on your side, or go the update route if you need
to keep your system up and usable during the process.

I should note that I always took the update trail, and never regretted it
afterwards (well, if only so slightly). For instance, my workstation lived
through 5.2.1-R, 6.2-R, RELENG_6, and finally RELENG_7, all with the aid of
cvsup. The process is straightforward, well-designed and easily executed
(thanks to the developers), but problems often pop-up with ports
(especially such messy ones as Gnome, etc) which take lots of time to

So, in summary, a sane person should probably go with clean system update.

P.S.: whoever replies next, it's safe to drop hackers@ from CC: anytime now

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