486 Install??

Thomas Simpson toms at chirock.com
Sat May 17 00:46:10 UTC 2008

Thanks to all who sent me messages.

I think I see where to go, should I need to turn to a FreeBSD.

Tom Simpson

Mark Busby wrote:
> Could you do the job with a stripped down system? Like freenas, 
> monowall, nanobsd or tinybsd. All based on the bsd system, and with a 
> little work you can add all the needed ports. Boot from the cd-rom, 
> save config to floppy or usb thumb drive, use all the harddrive for 
> storage.
> I've been looking into this. If I could just find a boot loader that 
> would give a usb thumb drive boot as an option.
> */Thomas F Simpson Jr <toms at chirock.com>/* wrote:
>     I have a 486 DEEP GREEN system I would like to put some version of
>     FreeBSD on (I have my reasons).
>     I have other inquiries out on this, but if I correctly recall (and
>     that is a real rusty recall at best), the max memory you could get
>     on one of these beasts was 48MB, unless they made some bigger,
>     recognizable, 72-pin modules.
>     I have 8 MB of hard drive space free for a FreeBSD partition and I
>     am actually running an Intel P24T Overdrive for my CPU. All work
>     fine on the DOS 6.2.2 partition I need to run.
>     Would any version of FreeBSD work with just 48MB of RAM? Or do I
>     need to figure out a way to get more RAM on the board, IF POSSIBLE?
>     Thanks.
>     Tom Simpson
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