Fwd: Question about a recent installation

Norman Maurer norman at apache.org
Wed May 7 17:17:00 UTC 2008

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From: Norman Maurer <norman at apache.org>
Date: 2008/5/7
Subject: Re: Question about a recent installation
To: Mario Vazquez <mario_vazq at hotmail.com>

2008/5/6 Mario Vazquez <mario_vazq at hotmail.com>:

 >  On May 5, 2008, at 6:17 PM, doug wrote:
 > > To give limited priviledges I think sudo (as in linux??) would be
 >  > used.
 > I concur that sudo is really a very good way of managing privileges.
 >  I don't even know the root passwords on the systems that I administer
 >  (OK, I do have them stored in a nice secured place if I ever do need
 >  them).
 >  Cheers,
 >  -j
 >  ----------------------------------
 >  In fact, I use sudo for managing too.  My question is not about
sudo itself, it's about the possible risks (if any) of having a
default installation (FreeBSD7-RELEASE) which assigns ownership of the
root folder to root:wheel, thus allowing anyone with wheel privileges
be able to see (and copy btw) root folder contents.

 I still not get the point.. If the files are create the default is a
 umask of 022 anway. So if you want to protect your files in the root
 folder to get accessed, use umask 066 and maybe chmod 700 /root.


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