How to replace libpthread correctly on 7.0?

Luke Dean LukeD at
Sun Mar 30 14:45:32 PDT 2008

This weekend I upgraded a desktop system from 6.2 to 7-STABLE using 
source.  I removed and rebuilt all my ports using the ports system, and so 
far I haven't noticed any problems with them.

When I attempted to rebuild some software outside the ports system, I ran 
into problems.  I like to use the Code::Blocks IDE.  It's in the 
FreeBSD ports system, but it's lagging about three years behind what's 
current, so I've been tracking the current code from the project's 
subversion system.  It was working on FreeBSD 6.2.

When I attempted to rebuild Code::Blocks, the build failed with an error 
relating to  I didn't get rid of old libraries when I 
upgraded to 7, so I still had this old that hadn't been 
rebuilt.  I know.  Bad.  I searched the web a bit and discovered that 
libpthread had fallen out of favor in 7 and was being replaced by 
something else.  Ok, fine, so I got rid of my old broken

I tried to rebuild Code::Blocks again, and found that it was still 
attempting to link to libpthread.  I threw away all the code and 
configurations, fetched the latest code, ran "bootstrap", "configure", and 
"make" and it's STILL running g++ with the -pthread switch and 
complaining about a missing  It finally dies with an 
"undefined reference to `system at LIBTHREAD_1_0'

Should I expect the new standard threading library ("libthr" I think?) to 
be a drop-in replacement for libpthread?  If so, do you have any ideas 
where I need to look to convince this code to use it?
For my personal projects, is the -pthread switch any good anymore, or is 
there a different switch I should be using now?
Is libpthread even an option at all anymore?  If so, how do I build it?
I'm just not sure what direction I should start troubleshooting in now.

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