fault tolerance with FreeBSD for old DOS app

B. Bonev b_bonev at mail.orbitel.bg
Fri Mar 28 04:30:56 PDT 2008

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Subject: Re: fault tolerance with FreeBSD for old DOS app

> On Mon, 2008-03-24 at 19:36 +0200, B. Bonev wrote:
>> I want advice for old DOS app on Windows PC, that I need to make on 2
>> PC-s
>> fault tolerant. Any advice for working solution on FreeBSD?
> Yep...rewrite the database in SQL with a PHP front end.  Import the data
> from the old system.  Use a Radware/F5 Load Balancer for the web and
> Slony-I for the database replication.
> Welcome to 2008.
It is a accounting program, and will be too much efford for nothing. And I'm
not a programmer.
I 'm thinking for something like heartbeat, or realtime replication server -
2 identical machines,
and when one of them break, staff to continue their work, without too much

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