fault tolerance with FreeBSD for old DOS app

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at wojtek.tensor.gdynia.pl
Mon Mar 24 16:48:21 PDT 2008

>> I want advice for old DOS app on Windows PC, that I need to make on 2 PC-s
>> fault tolerant. Any advice for working solution on FreeBSD?
> Yep...rewrite the database in SQL with a PHP front end.  Import the data
> from the old system.  Use a Radware/F5 Load Balancer for the web and
> Slony-I for the database replication.
> Welcome to 2008.
and have all "modern apps" problems and 1000 times higher hardware 
requirements to do the same. my CA-Clipper apps running under DOS 
are still in use after 15 years, because it work well. there is no
better language for such things, there are CA-Clipper ports for
unix, but not very good.

clip (ports/databases/clip) is an exception, except it's 
screen handling is quite a mess.

but will a little of work it's good, i ported few program to clip.
clip is 5-20 times faster on the same machine than CA-Clipper :)

for now - i don't know anything better to write database-processing 
programs than this. no "database engines" and other strange things -

it uses "ancient" technology - simply stores tables as flat files, and 
indexes as other files.

there is quite a big chance this old DOS program was written in 

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