Odd Keyboard, mouse, networking issues

Outback Dingo outbackdingo at gmail.com
Thu Mar 27 10:53:46 PDT 2008

I installed FreeBSD 7 on a IBM thinkpad Z60M,  Xorg from ports, 3 different
window managers, kde, xfce4 and fvwm-crystal
in console, there is no issue

in X anytime i type something on the keyboard, anything, regardelss of being
in a console or in firefox

the text doesnt display, or execute until i move the mouse

ie.. in a console under X if i were to type

ps ax<CR>

nothing would print, or execute until i moved the mouse, then it prints and
in firefox, i can type in a full url in the address bar, nothing types or
prints until i move the mouse
if i click file, the menu doesnt open until i move the mouse ever so
This occurs in all window managers, both xfce and fvwm-crystal, which leads
me to think this is an
OS problem or a port installed the all window managers use.. ie... dbus? fam
? hal ?
its quite odd and disturbing since i used kde3 on FreeBSD-7-PRERELEASE and
BETAs for months
this same laptop has run FreeBSD fine for 2 years.... i blew away the old
installation to install a fresh system
all ports are built from ports.... im connected to the intenet via wireless
( iwi0 ) and have a usb mouse ( logitech ) video for X is ATI
Ive had the same hardware for the longest time, a fresh install and a fresh
set of packages on 7 is now creating havoc
even networking seems choppy unless i am moving the mouse, like during a
download, console doesnt update until the mouse moves

any thought or ideas on where to start looking ? dmesg attached
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