FreeBSD 7.0 nvidia-driver woes

Darren Spruell phatbuckett at
Thu Mar 27 09:38:21 PDT 2008

On Tue, Mar 18, 2008 at 12:00 PM, Derek Ragona
<derek at> wrote:
>  Is it worthwhile to contact NVidia with bug reports? Does the FreeBSD
>  community amount to much of a blip on their radar? Do we have a direct
>  liaison in the community?
>  Never hurts to file a bug report.  It seems to be in the nvidia older
> driver, I've not heard of the problem with the driver for the current cards.

Four days ago I emailed a problem report to
freebsd-gfx-bugs at I haven't heard a peep back. The NVIDIA
support site is structured about like this:

- If your NVIDIA card shipped with the computer direct from the OEM
manufacturer, it's not our problem. Contact [Dell,HP,Compaq,etc] for
- If your NVIDIA card was purchased retail, it's not our problem.
Contact the card manufacturer [Gigabyte,MSI,etc.] for assistance.

Does anyone know a contact in NVIDIA that would have any concern over
(driver, etc.) issues like this?

Darren Spruell
phatbuckett at

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