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Frank Shute frank at
Wed Mar 26 14:19:01 PDT 2008

On Tue, Mar 25, 2008 at 10:28:15PM -0400, Benjamin Cance wrote:
> I have had Linux for a long time. I have a different desktop coming that 
> I am eager to play with FreeBSD on. It is a dual processored Intel Xeon 
> @ 3.2ghz (64-bit). How are HP workstations with FreeBSD?

Check that it is advertised to work with unix/linux and not just

I bought a cheap workstation from HP with a crappy BIOS.

The result is that I can only boot it with ACPI disabled and hence am
only able to run 1 core of it's AMD dual core 3800+ under FreeBSD.

It's running 6.3-RELEASE, so if I upgraded it to 7.0 I might have
better luck.

Not a total disaster: I use it as a low power mail and webserver and I
subsequently built my own workstation but nothing as high-end as
you're looking at.

I believe, a lot of people on this list run FreeBSD on the HP 1u/2u
servers with good results though.



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