Email processing in Python (was: e-mail processing in C)

Robert Huff roberthuff at
Mon Mar 24 12:11:09 PDT 2008

Giorgos Keramidas writes:

>  No, there's no library for `email processing' in the C standard.  You
>  can probably find a lot of non-standard ones, by Googling however :)
>  It's worth writing that plain C is the wrong language for this
>  sort of thing, if you ask me.  There are excellent high-level
>  libraries in Perl, and Python to do this sort of thing.

	On one hand, that's probably true.
	On the other hand: I know zero Python and this much > < Perl.
I tried Perl, actually, and couldn't find the functions I needed.
(Plus the documemtation was aimed at a more experienced audience.)
I can fumble my way around a decent C packagei less time ad with
less hair-rending.
	I do have the advantage I know more-or-less exactly what the
message will look like.

				Robert Huff

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