Where to rent the best dedicated servers?

Patrick C pcloches at gmail.com
Mon Mar 24 11:49:31 PDT 2008

Guys, careful on the "reply to all" on this message :-)

If you're looking for FreeBSD hosting, I have had very good luck with
m5hosting.com. It's a small company but they host in a very nice datacenter
with good connectivity, and their support is awesome. The owner (Mike) is
very knowledgeable with *BSD and is one of the few hosts to offer FreeBSD,
OpenBSD, and Ubuntu dedicated servers. I can highly recommend them.

We migrated all our hosting needs from Rackspace to our own equipment at
Quality (Globix) and have never looked back. There have been some recent
high-profile outages but their reliability is still very good, we just found
that it was much cheaper to host ourselves especially when we looked at
adding additional equipment for redundancy like load balancers. If you don't
need managed hosting I don't see any place for Rackspace.

I also have a personal FreeBSD box with The Planet, things have gotten more
professional there (ev1) since becoming The Planet and it's a decent host.


On 24/03/2008, "Kyrre Nygård" <kyrreny at broadpark.no> wrote:
> Sorry, I really don't know where else to ask.
> I've been using Staminus for a while now and I've had it with the
> downtime.
> Basically I want a place to host my Ruby on Rails / Git projects, an IRC
> server as well as an internet radio channel.
> Simple website / control panel design is ofcourse a plus. None of that
> cpanel bullshit though, I prefer to meddle around with simple text files the
> way it's meant to be done.
> So, layeredtech.com? rackspace.com?
> And is there a place that reviews dedicated server providers?
> Thanks,
> Kyrre
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