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Id go an ASUS low end or Lenovo, I actually have never had an issue with
FreeBSD on an ASUS, except for built in web cam support, dells are nice but
ive experienced issues with three of them under BSD so ive been avoiding
them. I do have an ASUS W5A and a IBM Z60M Lenovo Thinkpad, both run linux
and BSD fine.

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> El día Monday, March 24, 2008 a las 12:29:16AM -0800, Ted Mittelstaedt
> escribió:
> > Unfortunately, it is quite common for laptop vendors to write specs
> > that use different names than industry standard for the components,
> > so it is difficult to figure this out in advance.
> >
> > What you want to do is get yourself a FreeBSD boot CD then go
> > visit a computer vendor that has display models.  Do not order a
> > laptop online.  Visit a brick and mortar vendor, and try booting
> > fbsd on each of the display models.
> A good way is also to let it boot a Knoppix boot CD / DVD which is able
> to detect nearly all hardware used to assemble the laptop. Then take the
> /var/log/messages output of this and check it against the FreeBSD
> hardware notes.
>        matthias (running FreeBSD 7.0-R on laptop :-))
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